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Thomas Wolfe Remembered Tells Wolfe's Story Through Reminiscences

September 2018: New from University of Alabama Press, Thomas Wolfe Remembered, edited by Mark Canada and Nami Montgomery, features more than 40 reminiscences written by Maxwell Perkins, Julia Wolfe, Paul Green, Elizabeth Nowell, and others who knew novelist Thomas Wolfe. Moviegoers who saw the 2016 film Genius, featuring Jude Law as Wolfe and Colin Firth as Perkins, may enjoy reading the book's many anecdotes and insights. From the introduction:

Thomas Wolfe would seem to be an open book--something by the name of, say, Look Homeward, Angel or Of Time and the River. In these and his other two gigantic novels, after all, Wolfe put his life, his personality, and even his private thoughts on display for all the world to esteem or deplore. For this reason, readers of these novels naturally may feel as if they know the real Thomas Wolfe.

Do they?

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