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Latest KEY Trip Takes 49 IU Kokomo Students to New York City

October 2019: Now in its fourth year, the KEY ("Kokomo Experience and You") continues to immerse Indiana University Kokomo students in transformative learning experiences, including internships, research projects, and trips to businesses, natural settings, museums, and more. In one of the most ambitious KEY trips to date, 49 students joined Mark and other IU Kokomo faculty and staff for a trip to New York City. Communication students toured NBC Studios and the NASDAQ, where they met with independent journalist Jane King. New Media, Art, and Technology students visited the Guggenheim and galleries, and some had the opportunity to share their portfolios with a design firm. History/Political Science students toured the UN and spent time in Harlem, where they dined at a traditional soul food restaurant. All of the students had the opportunity to visit the Met and see a Broadway production of Come From Away.

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