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IU Kokomo Participates in AASCU's "Re-Imagining the First Year" Project

Summer 2018: As one of the 44 institutions to be selected for "Re-Imagining the First Year," sponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, Indiana University Kokomo crafted and implemented several initiatives designed to promote retention and graduation. Between the project launch in February 2016 and summer 2018, IU Kokomo's team of faculty, staff, and student leaders, in conjunction with campus colleagues, trained faculty in both a Student Success Academy and a grant-funded Experiential Learning Academy, developed a Student Success Seminar (complete with growth-mindset education), overhauled New Student Orientation and added a Student Intake Survey, awarded a number of micro-grants to students in need, created a minor in Personal Development, and revised the probation letter to make it more positive. IU Kokomo administrators and faculty members gave more than a dozen presentations on the Student Success Academy, the revised New Student Orientation, experiential learning, and other topics related to student success at RFY sessions at AASCU conferences, as well as other professional gatherings, such as the 2018 High-Impact Practices in the States conference in Carson, California, and the 2018 Student Success Conference at Indiana State University. Mark's articles about IU Kokomo's participation in RFY and about promoting student success in general have appeared in Change and The Chronicle of Higher Education. In August, Mark joined a national RFY working group, which is helping to create a report on RFY and proposing a book on student success.

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